Standart Operational Prosedur Reservation

halo sahabat accomodation , aku share materi reservasi nih . Semoga bermanfaat 🙂

Standard Operation Procedures
1. Greeting & Offering Help
2. Ask guest requests (arrival & departure date, type of room, total rooms & person)
3. Check the availability of room at Reservation chart
4. Sales Dialogue
5. Fill up the reservation form
6. Repeat the reservation form
7. Last greeting

Example Handling Reservation
Reservations Clerk : Good morning, Reservations. Selva speaking. Can I help you ?
Guest : Good morning, I’d like to reserve a room for next week.
RC : Yes, how many nights will you reserve the room ?
G : Thee nights.
RC : Three nights … and for how many person and what type of
room do you reserve ?
G : For two person and I need twin-bedded now please.
RC : I can do a standard twin bedroom for $145 per night, or a deluxe
twin at the special rate of $ 175 per night
G : I’ll take the deluxe twinplease
RC : May I have your surname and initial ,please ?
G : Yes, My name in Mrs. Madonna
RC : Is the room for you and your husband ?
G : No I’ booking on behalf of some on else.
RC : May I have the name of the guest, please ?
G : Yes, it is Mr. and Mrs. R. Roy
RC : Can you spell the surname, please ?
G : Yes, it is R for Romeo, O for Oscar and Y for Yankee
RC : May have your telephone number please, Mrs. Madonna ?
G : Yes, it’s 0251-618621
RC : Is this a company booking, Mrs. Madonna ?
G : No. the guest are personal friends of mine.
RC : How are they arriving ?
G : By plane
RC : Do you have the flight number and arrival time Mr. and Mrs. Roy ?
G : Not yet.
RC : Can you inform us of the flight detail when you know. please?
G : Yes, I will do that.
RC : Let me confirm the detail with you Mrs. Madonna. You have
reserved one deluxe twin, check in date the 16 th of … ( state
month ), check out date the 19 th of … ( state month ). In the
names of Mr. and Mrs. R .Roy. The room rate be $175. Your
telephone number contact is 0251-618621
G :Yes, that’s correct and I will call you when I know the flight detail
RC : Yes please, Mrs. Madonna, thank you for your reservation
G : Thank you, goodbye
RC : Goodbye, Mrs. Madonna.

Silahkan membuat kreatifitas Percakapan berdasarkan ide kalian dan kembangkan sendiri
@@@@@GOOD LUCK@@@@@


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